Sunday, 18 February 2018



Firfield School

Firfield Primary School is constantly striving to provide an excellent education for our children with opportunities to learn through first hand, practical experiences which are challenging, meaningful and fun! 

The school is recognised by a number of outside agencies for a variety of awards; International School’s Foundation Award, Active Mark, Anti-Bullying Commitment and National Healthy Schools.

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Johnson Play Area

The Johnson Play Area is an open space found at the bottom of Hills Road where casual football games can be played on a pitch.

Golden Brook Storage Lagoon

Situated on land between Wilsthorpe Road and the M1, the lagoon is part of the flood alleviation scheme designed to protect Long Eaton. The lagoon and its associated nature reserve are managed by the Derbyshire Wildlife Trust, and access is by permit only.

Website: See Derbyshire Wildlife Trust's page about the the lagoon.

Compost bins


Compost is a nutrient-rich food product for the garden which helps to improve soil structure, maintain moisture levels and keeps the soil's PH balance in check.

If you hate having to buy compost why not have a go at making your own?

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Perks Park

Breaston Perks Park is a recreational park accessed off Longmoor Lane and Rectory Road. The land, comprising five acres, was generously donated in 1934 by Mr Anstee Perks.

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In recent years, visiting walkers have increased as the multi-user Sustrans section is an all weather route along the line of the old Derby to Sandiacre Canal. This is now known as the Millennium Way. It is part of national cycle route 6.

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