Sunday, 18 February 2018
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    Windmill on Perks Park
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    Lion spout below the windmill

Policy is provided under the auspices of Breaston Community Forum for the benefit of organisations and businesses within the village of Breaston.


Registered users, Authors, Editors, Publishers

There are various classes of users that access

  • Unregistered users are vast majority of people who look at the site. They can see all articles and events that are have their access set to Public.
  • Registered users have additional access to articles and events that have their access set to Registered. Depending on how things work out, we think there will be little or no demand for this. If the requirement materialises, it will be possible, for example, to restrict access to some an organisation's articles to members of that organisation.
  • Authors can submit articles for publication, but those articles will not appear until they have been reviewed by a publisher. Once the article has been published, they can edit the article. They cannot edit anybody else's article.
  • Editors can submit articles for publications, and can edit any article on the website. But they cannot publish the article (i.e. make it visible).
  • Publishers can do all of the above, and in addition publish (or withdraw from publication) any article on the website.


All content is vetted by those authorised as publishers for the website. Editors and publishers reserve the right to edit contributions to suit the style of the website. Their decision as to what should or should not be included is final. However, no responsibility can be taken for information that is incorrect, missing or out of date.


The calendar provides for two types of entry: regular events (e.g. weekly meeting of a club) and special events (e.g. May Day Gala). It does not, at the moment, allow for special information about a single occurrence of a regular event (in other words, it can't cope with "July's speaker is ...."). This sort of information can be accommodated via the article for that organisation, or even a separate article about the event (with a suitable Finish publication date to avoid advertising events that have already happened).


All organisations and businesses based in Breaston may, if they wish, have representation on this website. Other organisations and businesses will be considered for inclusion only if they have specific relevance to Breaston; the aim is not to provide a "yellow pages" service to the surrounding district.


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Next 2 months' events

Sat Feb 24 @10:00AM - 12:00PM
WI Coffee Morning
Sun Mar 18 @ 7:30PM -
Quiz Night for Breaston in Bloom


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What a great time was had by all.

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