Sunday, 18 February 2018



Perks Park

Breaston Perks Park is a recreational park accessed off Longmoor Lane and Rectory Road. The land, comprising five acres, was generously donated in 1934 by Mr Anstee Perks.


The original layout included a paddling stream, well, windmill, weirs etc, shelter and conveniences, gates and fencing, shrubs, an area for hockey and cricket at a total cost of £1400. Grants were obtained from the Carnegie United Kingdom Trust and the Derbyshire Playing Fields Association. Ten tenders for the laying out of the recreation ground were received and at a meeting on 27 November 1934, the lowest tender of £1370 was received from F Perks & Sons. The park was first used in August 1935 but was not completed until a later date.

Now, along with newer children's play equipment, there is a pavilion which is used by several local football clubs as well as annual summer play scheme for children. There are adult and junior football pitches and a floodlit multi-user games area.

A prominent feature of the park is the windmill which was originally used to pump water into the long rill of the paddling stream. The windmill structure underwent restoration in 2008 and the paddling pool area underwent a make-over in 2010, the design of which was commissioned by RHS Chelsea Gold medal winner Sue Hayward.