Sunday, 18 February 2018



Duffield Close

Duffield Close is an area of some two and a half acres situated to the north of the Village Green. It is within the Conservation Area.


The Parish Council purchased Duffield Close from Miss Watson in 1985 for £10,000 to preserve it as an open space in the centre of the village. The site was visited by the Conservation Wildlife Habitat Assessment team in 1982 and they identified 22 different types of grasses (unimproved grassland). This is due to the traditional way in which Duffield Close has been managed.

A Butterfly Garden was created in the south west corner and the south east corner is where the Millennium Sensory Garden can be found. There are three public rights of way across the Close, and these have been laid with a firm self setting gravel and curved sympathetically with the area. Duffield Close is used by various village groups for fund raising events, as well as the May Day Gala, Summer band concert and the Christmas Carol concert.