Sunday, 18 February 2018



Scrub the Hub Action Group disbands

Breaston Scrub the Hub logoFollowing HS2 Ltd Chairman, Sir David Higgins’ announcement on Tuesday 14th July 2015 confirming that Toton was the only location being considered for the East Midlands' HS2 Hub and Breaston is no longer on the cards, the Breaston ‘Scrub the Hub’ Action Group are both delighted and relieved that sense has prevailed, endorsing ‘regeneration over devastation’ and thus ending the campaign on a successful note.

Subsequent to the October 2014 statement that Breaston was being reconsidered as an alternative to Toton, three public meetings, attended by hundreds of concerned residents, resulted in the formation of the Breaston Action Group, which consisted of local councillors and residents.

We concluded that whilst we had no real objection to HS2 in principle, the difficult challenge we faced was, bringing to the attention of HS2 the unsuitability of Breaston and surrounds as a site and the promotion of Toton in terms of, scope, potential, regeneration and infrastructure as a far superior location.

During the last 8 months banners, stickers, fliers, press releases and social media sites have spread the word, resulting in over 600 local residents signing our petition. A technical report, newsletter and correspondence directed towards Patrick McLaughlin and Sir David Higgins, made them fully aware of the depth of feeling in the village and the folly of building on a flood plain and protected green belts, whilst decimating several rural villages.

At the final meeting on Tuesday 4th August 2015, Chairman Mike Ronan thanked the committee for their professional approach and dedication; everyone has played their part and with the support from Maggie Throup, Breaston Parish Council and the residents of Breaston, there is no doubt that we helped influence the decision.

Tinged with some sadness due to the bond that has developed, the group have agreed that their job is done, the uncertainty has been lifted and hopefully Breaston and the surrounding villages can get back to some kind of normality.
All funds remaining in the account at the end of play on the 4th August will be donated to Breaston Community Forum.
Thanks to everyone for your support.

Outgoing Committee,
Breaston ‘Scrub the Hub’ Action Group

The Scrub the Hub committee before disbanding on 4th August 2015
Left to Right - Kevin Miller, Maggie Throup, Ken Watson, Robert Parkinson, June Parkinson, Graham Elliott, Mike Simpson, Mike Ronan, Carole Cherry, Mike Stevenson, Heather Wrigglesworth (Not shown – Diane Hill, Dom Clulow, Peter Pepios, Brent Poland, John Luke, Diana Canning)