Sunday, 18 February 2018



Firfield School

Firfield Primary School is constantly striving to provide an excellent education for our children with opportunities to learn through first hand, practical experiences which are challenging, meaningful and fun! 

The school is recognised by a number of outside agencies for a variety of awards; International School’s Foundation Award, Active Mark, Anti-Bullying Commitment and National Healthy Schools.

They offer an extensive range of clubs which include; football, cricket, netball, running, gymnastics, chess, art, choir, a variety of dance, French, recorders, gardening and a gardening magazine.

There are strong performing arts across the school, with many children taking part in a range of dance and drama activities throughout the year. Many of the children also learn an instrument in the junior classes. The events include performing in the local secondary school’s dance festivals, national choir events in Sheffield and annual soiree.

There is a P.T.A. which provides valuable support in raising funds throughout the year. There are very good relationships with the local cluster of schools. There are excellent transition arrangements in place with both Friesland and Wilsthorpe secondary schools which start for pupils in year 5.